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For most people, buying a home is the biggest single investment they will ever make.  A pre-purchase inspection report is a relatively small investment that will give the home buyer peace of mind in the knowledge that they have bought a home that has been thoroughly checked over by a qualified professionals.

Townsville Building and Pest Inspections carry out their Building, Pest / Termite and Pool inspections using qualified, licensed, insured Builder and Pest Management Technicians. From which we inform and report any problems, advise recommendations and can carry out rectifications if requested. 



What is a pre–purchase pest inspection report?

As the name says, this inspection report is the one you get before you buy a property. It is usually carried out before you exchange sale contracts so you can identify any problems with the property which, if left unchecked, could prove costly to repair. 


Why do I need one?

There are three good reasons why you should get a building & pest inspection report done before you buy a property:

  1. so you will know in advance what the problems are
  2. so you can use the information to try and negotiate a lower price for the property
    • i.e. you may have to pay to repair some of the problems
  3. so you can get specialist advice about any major problems and how they will affect the property over time.


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FLIR Thermal Imaging

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera!

Thermal Image Camera used on all pre-purchase inspections by trained and accredited technician, at no extra costs.

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